2019 Testimonials...

Can I say in my Cartersville Voice “I am so stanking proud of Althea Simpson!” That there Inaugural Black Play Therapy Symposium was everything! 2020 will be bigger and better and even more of blessing to the therapeutic community! Thank you for allowing us to hold space and share in your vision.

- Margaret L. Conley, LCSW, MDiv

Althea Simpson made an incredible mark on mental health professionals w/ her inaugural Black Play Therapy Symposium. It’s a must in helping others, offering better services & increasing your tribe. Well done. Check out her play therapy academy. To help an adult is to help their inner child. To help a child, speak their language of play! 

- Denise Poole, LPC

Great learning and great connections! Congratulations Althea Simpson on your inaugural event. It was awesome. Looking forward to next year! Had such an amazing and refreshing time at the Inaugural Black Play Therapy Symposium. Great information and clarification and the opportunity to connect and chat with some amazing Clinicians and thought leaders who are truly hidden gems in the field! Exciting things are in store for the Oasis Family due to the impartation that took place! Stay tuned!

- Chanel McCord, MA, LPC

I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and joy of my experience at the 1st Annual Black Play Therapy Symposium. Congrats to Althea Simpson on an amazing conference with dynamic speakers, well-thought out menus and content that is and was thought provoking, controversial and out of the box to get shifts done in our communities! Invest in you and others will too. 

- Chasity Chandler, LMHC, MCAP

Attended and presented at the Black Play Therapy Symposium...with great speakers and educational sessions, inspiring messages, creative interventions, and so many people doing great things to help improve the lives of African American children and families. I truly enjoyed the people, the honest conversations about our community, and hearing about all of the great work business owners, educators, authors, and of course clinicians are doing. Every session was on point! Thank you Ms. Althea Simpson for creating this dedicated space to help us help our children and families. I look forward to next years event!! #BPTS 💜

- Dr. Tiffany Stoner, LCPC

The Black Play Therapy Symposium in Washington DC this weekend was one of the most dynamic and influential conferences I’ve ever attended. Thanks and appreciation to the hard working hostess @altheaunicornlifeplaytherapy for continuing the marathon by executing her vision!!

-Alecia Allen, PLPC

Ms Althea Simpson congratulations on such an amazing conference, you are a trailblazer and an inspiration to all of us. Your passion for our community, children, continued growth, and quality application of best therapeutic practices is contagious. Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this historic event, I look forward to future #blackplaytherapysympisiums 😊💜 

- Wendy Q. Durant, LPC-S, RPT-S

You did a phenomenal job with your conference! I am so fortunate and grateful that I was able to be a part of your vision. 

- Dr. Rachel Altvater, RPT-S

Althea Simpson you are the real MVP. Thank you for creating such an amazing learning and thought-provoking experience for us. The location was conveniently located, and the venue was awesome. All around it was a ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️ event. I already have learned so many activities to enhance my work. Thank you again!

-Renetta Weaver, LCSW-C

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